For years I have had an idea for an Epic Fantasy series.  Having failed at writing it in the past, I’ve felt quite inadequate to give my ideas justice on paper.  The need and desire to write it would never go away though.  So as sort of a compromise to myself, I began working on what would be a prequel to the series.  This prequel would be a stand alone novel, that wouldn’t have the pressure of getting my ‘magnum opus’ perfect on my first attempt at writing seriously.  Worst case scenario, it turns into a practice run to see if I can complete, edit, and hopefully publish my work.


With these ideas in mind, I was reinvigorated to get to work on this Prequel.  Major events that shape the main series would be the focus of this Novel, and center around three men’s struggle to protect the holy city of Novial from destruction at the hands of Barbarians and Namurass worshippers. 


In addition to working on the prequel novel, ideas for short stories are in the works.  These will most likely take place in the same world as the already mentioned series, as there are many times and conflicts I wish to explore in this world.  In addition, if I can get these published, it will give me some credibility as an author and that is a good thing.         

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