Posted by: Ottsider | July 15, 2010

Simple, yet good advice from Brandon Sanderson

On Twitter, Brandon Sanderson answered a question that often haunts me:

Personaly, I’ve always enjoyed the art of creation, especially in the form of writing.  Yet, there has always been the desire to have others enjoy my work, a desire that equels the love of the creation itself to a certain degree. 

Writing for me is work, albiet very enjoyable all considering, yet just having a book written doesn’t seem to offer the motivation needed to accomplish the task.  While the love is there, the want to be widely read is a motivational factor to me. 

Yet, to be widely read you need to have the art of great story telling down.  So, it really boils down to a cart before the horse situation for me.  To even be considerable for publication, you have to be good at what you do.   So, is it wrong to have publication as your goal?  If it gets you to actually work on improving on the art of story telling and eventually produce great fiction?

The downfall of this is when that voice that reminds you of the odds of actually getting published, it’s one I hear too often, and it will most likely make you lose your motivation.  So Brandon really is right here,  as I personally feel the  need to develop the love and a habit for writing, and not just the creation and world building aspects of it.  Which, I can’t help but to do it. 

So honestly, I can’t wait to just  finish a book, even if it will never see the light of day.    For me, that will be a huge accomplishment.

Posted by: Ottsider | March 19, 2010

Work Started on Bonds of Retribution

I’ve finally come to a point on outlining and world building that I can actually start writing the short story.

It’s amazing how much the northern civilization has built up working so closely with it for Bonds of Retribution.  The work will come in handy for my Novel WIP. 

Once the story is completed I’m planning on entering it into the Writer’s of the Future contest.  I’m planning on the story being around 20k words, hopefully I can hit that mark, as I tend to write very wordy.  Just have to start plugging away at it, and get over my world-builders disease!